Another Milestone for Dropping LLL.INs

To those familiar with the .in domain space, would be aware that there is an LLL.IN buyout holding for quite some time. There are LLL.In drops, that are registered immediately. Over the months following the buyout, the number of names dropping has reduced month over month. We have tracked this number here. For the month of October, we have reached an important milestone. The number of potential drops is under 10 for the first time. Please note that we are counting an LLL.IN as a potential drop if the state in “PENDING DELETE SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE” or “PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE.” If a domain has a status of “PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE,” it is very much possible that the domain could be renewed and as a consequence not drop. This happens sometimes, but not so common and hence ignoring it. So why is this milestone significant? These are the implications:

1. The LLL.IN buyout is strong as it has ever been.
2. LLL.INs are steadily increasing in price among domainers. I would say that the price today is $250-$350 among resellers for ordinary LLL.INs
3. LLL.INs have become far more liquid, and there are lots of domainers looking to buy them.

Below is the graph that shows the number of drops each month for this year. Hopefully we get 0 monthly LLL.IN drops in 2017.


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