Digital India 2.0

Digital India

In the next phase of Digital India, the Indian government plans to roll out an open API policy. API stands for application programming interface which is a well-defined protocols & interface for interacting with a front end system. So, for example, a system can provide information about a department, and if someone wishes to obtain this information, they have to interact with the system using the API (fixed set of rules). So APIs are really powerful because it provides lots of opportunities for existing companies or start-ups to use these APIs to provide service to general public. Although these are initial days, the API stack currently proposed to include:

  • Aadhaar for authentication,
  • e-KYC documents (safe deposit locker for issue, storage, and use of documents),
  • e-Sign (digital signature acceptable under the laws),
  • unified payment interface (for financial transactions), and
  • privacy-protected data sharing within the stack of API.

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