Video Blog by Suresh Raghavan

If you are regular follower of my blog, you would surprised to see a post in the middle of the week, well its really because I’m glad to share the first video blog for .IN domains by Suresh Raghavan. Suresh who is an Auburn Alum (for those who don’t know Tim Cook is also an Auburn Alum), and founder of the NicheJobs.COM website. Having been domaining since 1998, Suresh is very experienced and we all will definitely benefit from his talks. Suresh also has an impressive portfolio of .IN domains that would make him stand out from other investors. This is the second video from him, the first being just an introduction. In this particular talk, Suresh talks about how he got into domaining, the landscape around the .COM boom and about the .IN domains that made a public debut in 2005. I really don’t want to steal his thunder, so you can watch it directly from the man himself.

Please enjoy the video and give feedback. Suresh would really love to hear from everyone. Thank you all, stay classy!