Scamster on NamePros Selling

This is a PSA post. Today a senior member apprised us in the “.in WhatsApp” group that the domain was for sale on NamePros. The REAL owner of the domain name also is a member of the group, denied that it was for sale.

You can follow the see the thread here:


So, obviously, this seems like a scam artist. The user’s account has been closed and the thread is locked.

Here are the RED-FLAGS

  1. Member is brand-new who joined today and without any
  2. No iTrader rating as a seller
  3. Desperation to sell the name quickly. See the bump at the bottom in a few hours.

Please stay safe and here are some tips if you are looking to buy a valuable name:

  1. Use an escrow service.
  2. Email the seller on the who-is email address. Email to as many emails and make sure that the seller is actually selling the name. One caveat here is that if the email of the seller is compromised, you are out of luck which means that the domain might as well be stolen. Try phone is possible.
  3. Also, check if the domain recently changed hands, it’s a tell-tell sign of a stolen domain.
  4. Ask around, everyone here I know in domaining is willing to help.

Stolen Domains

These domains are stolen from a member at DNForum – Tim Schoon: