Scamster on NamePros Selling

This is a PSA post. Today a senior member apprised us in the “.in WhatsApp” group that the domain was for sale on NamePros. The REAL owner of the domain name also is a member of the group, denied that it was for sale.

You can follow the see the thread here:


So, obviously, this seems like a scam artist. The user’s account has been closed and the thread is locked.

Here are the RED-FLAGS

  1. Member is brand-new who joined today and without any
  2. No iTrader rating as a seller
  3. Desperation to sell the name quickly. See the bump at the bottom in a few hours.

Please stay safe and here are some tips if you are looking to buy a valuable name:

  1. Use an escrow service.
  2. Email the seller on the who-is email address. Email to as many emails and make sure that the seller is actually selling the name. One caveat here is that if the email of the seller is compromised, you are out of luck which means that the domain might as well be stolen. Try phone is possible.
  3. Also, check if the domain recently changed hands, it’s a tell-tell sign of a stolen domain.
  4. Ask around, everyone here I know in domaining is willing to help.

India is Home to Seven Unicorns

According to the Forbes 2016 list, there are 174 Unicorns out of which five are from India. In the finance field, Unicorn is a start-up that is valued at USD 1 Billion or more. These are NOT public companies, but rather private companies. The United States is, of course, the home of the most Unicorns, followed by China with thirty-four.  India is tied with U.K. with seven Unicorns and beats countries like Germany, South Korea, Canada, etc.


So for the curious the companies that are Unicorn from India are:

CompanyValuation in Billions of $
One97 Communications1.8
Zomato Media1


Digital India 2.0

Digital India

In the next phase of Digital India, the Indian government plans to roll out an open API policy. API stands for application programming interface which is a well-defined protocols & interface for interacting with a front end system. So, for example, a system can provide information about a department, and if someone wishes to obtain this information, they have to interact with the system using the API (fixed set of rules). So APIs are really powerful because it provides lots of opportunities for existing companies or start-ups to use these APIs to provide service to general public. Although these are initial days, the API stack currently proposed to include:

  • Aadhaar for authentication,
  • e-KYC documents (safe deposit locker for issue, storage, and use of documents),
  • e-Sign (digital signature acceptable under the laws),
  • unified payment interface (for financial transactions), and
  • privacy-protected data sharing within the stack of API.

Read more at:

India Rises to 39th Position in Competitive Index

The WEF released the latest ranking whereby they rank a list of 138 countries in “Competitive Index.” The report “assesses the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens. This in turn depends on how productively a country uses available resources. Therefore, the Global Competitiveness Index measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and medium-term levels of economic prosperity.”

This ranking report is released each year and this year, and India ranks 39 up from 55 the previous year.

Here are the key areas used to assess the position of a country:

  1. Institutions
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Macroeconomics environment
  4. Health and primary education
  5. Higher education and training
  6. Goods market efficiency
  7. Labor market efficiency
  8. Financial market development
  9. Technological readiness
  10. Market size
  11. Business sophistication
  12. Innovation

Here are the highlights from the report relevant to India:

  1. India is the fastest riser among all countries by rising 16 positions in one year. If you take previous two years, India has risen 32 points !!!
  2. India’s overall competitiveness score was rather stagnant between 2007 and 2014, but after the new government had come to power, a bunch of policies enacted by the government started bearing fruits.
  3. Improvements in health, primary education and infrastructure contributed most to this enhancement.
  4. On health and basic education, India almost halved its rate of infant mortality (from 62 to 37.9 per 1,000), increased life expectancy (from62 to 68) and primary education enrollment (from 88.8% to 93.1%).
  5. Improvements in infrastructure were small and faltering until 2014 when the government increased public investment and accelerated approval procedures to attract private resources.
  6. Another improvement over the past decade has been increased market size.
  7. Technological readiness is now India’s weakest spot relative to other pillars, and should be a government priority.

The table below shows the rank of India over the years:





Red Flags to Look for in Inquiries

Over the course of my domaining career, I have received tons of inquiries from potential buyers wanted to acquire the domains I own. Every email/inquiry requires some work to evaluate the buyer and go back and forth till both of us (the buyer & me) agree on the final price. Since, there are lots of variables in this song and dance, negotiations, expectations, etc., most of the “wanted domain” inquiries do not lead to any fruitful conclusion. However with ever interaction, one can develop a sixth sense as to what kind of queries has a better probability of a sale. Here are some red-flags I can mentally note about inquiries:

  • Chat Lingo: Some of the emails I receive, utilize chat lingo like — u, all lower case letters, short sentences, each sentence span a different line, etc.
  • Student: A large proportion of the email, make it very clear that they are a poor student, which is another way of putting that they will NOT be paying anywhere close to the market rate.
  • Non-Profit: Some resort to stating that the name is for an NGO or Non-Profit oOrganisation. Same as the above, they are not willing to spend
  • Not Being Used: Received several emails where they claim that since the domain is NOT developed into a site (yet!), that I should give it away.

Finally ending on a humorous note, also received one email where the buyer was asking for a bargain on the domain price because the domain name was used and like second-hand/used products go, would have devalued in price.