Lok Sabha TV Programme on Domaining

Lok Sabha TV, a channel associated with the lower house of the Indian parliament (Lok Sabha) aired a programme on domaining on August 8th, 2016. The name of the show is India Speaks and is hosted by Mr. Anurag Punetha. The participants were:

1. Mr. Dima Beitzke (CFO – SEDO)
2. Ms. Sophie Pieck (Country Manager of France / Italy / India – SEDO)
3. Mr. Paul Singh (Paul.IN)
4. Mr. Aishwin Vikhona (UIX.COM
5. Mr. Gaurav Kohli (President – DNOAi)
6. Mr. Pankaj Vijayvargiya (CEO – Bitlevel International)

The format of the show more a question answer session type where the host would ask questions on a subject and this occasion it was about state of domaining in India. ALSO NOTE THAT MOST OF THE SHOW IS IN HINDI.

Here are the questions asked during the show:

  1. Introduces the members.
  2. What is the need of a conference ? Question asked to Gaurav Kohli.
  3. How big is the domain market ? And how big is the Indian domain market ?
  4. Question to Paul about being in US and interested in .in domains ?
  5. What goes into the decision making of investing in a particular TLD?
  6. Question to Pankaj talks about the his portfolio size
  7. Aishwin talks about how he got into domaining.
  8. Anurag asks if he had to get a name for himself, would he get AP.COM or AnuragPunetha.COM ?
  9. Question what are the differences between Chinese and Indian market in terms of short domains?
  10.   At what point is the growth of Indian domain market?
  11.   Are easily pronounceable names good investment option ?
  12.   How do you go about registering .in names ?
  13.   There are many associated cottage industries catering to domains, why is SEDO doing so well?
  14.   How does some domain investor start getting into the domain business?
  15.   Are there any risk associated with domaining in India?
  16.   What is the ROI can a domain investor expect?
  17.   Are there big sales taking place in recent times or are they rare ?
  18.   Question to Aishwin about his book — “Sell Domains Fast” ?
  19.   What companies should one use for transactions ?
  20.   Question to Indy about despite being in US, why is is interested in Indian extensions? (I know it is repeated)
  21.   Question to Pankaj about advise on domaining?
  22.   Are there are various news sites about domaining?
  23.   Talk about DomainX conference
  24.   What are the changes taken place in the last 4-5 years that changed Indian’s knowledge / curiosity about domains?
  25.   Question to SEDO about any advise that they would like to give to Indian domain buyers?
  26.   Another question to SEDO about what kind of questions do Indians generally ask?
  27.   Question to Paul about his blog?
  28.   Is .COM done and dusted?
  29.   Last major question to Pankaj if he intends to keep investing in domains ?

You can see the full program here with answers:

NamesCon 2017 to Have a Panel About Indian Market

In the just released call for submissions for NamesCon 2017, there is a separate and special panel for the Indian market. This is an enormous and important turn of event as far as the Indian domain market is concerned. It is fair to assume that .in will on focus. The last conference it was China which was in focus, the difference between that and the upcoming one is the degree of maturity between the markets.

If you are in the US and there is one conference you can attend, then I would recommend NamesCon as THE conference you must not miss. I attended my first domain name related conference this year, and it was a very productive one with about 1,500 folks attending from all over the globe.

Third Domain Conference by DNOAI

Domain Name Owners Association of India™, a non-profit organization whose mission and passion is to encourage and cultivate growth while keeping a check in public-capacity on government policies related to the Indian domain name industry, announced it will hold its annual DomainX™ 2016 Conference in New Delhi from August 5th to August 7th.

The organization is engaged in efforts to make public and prospective owners or investors aware of the value of domain names and how they benefit any particular enterprise.

Founded in 2014, DomainX™ initiative has been the first only domain name conference in the country of its kind entirely dedicated to discovering, networking, discussing, and spreading awareness to the public about the domain name industry in general and its vital importance in how businesses interact and conduct transactions today.

“We’ve entered a marketing age ruled by online, digital, and inbound marketing, and as such, it’s incredibly important that business owners understand how important domain name selection and technology is for the future of their operation,” said Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal, Founder of DomainX.

Gaurav Kohli, the co-organizer added, “Our conference is designed to encourage conversation about domain name technology and expertise, and take the newfound education beyond the walls of our event and out into the open market.”

Full of industry leaders and professionals with proven track records in the realm of online and digital marketing, DomainX™ is a three-day event filled with specific workshops, classes, networking opportunities, speakers, and relaxing communication.

Having broken the attendance record in 2015 and shattered expectations for attendance and media attention, the 2016 conference is expected to be the biggest one yet, presenting invaluable networking opportunities for all attendees.

August 5th, 2016 which is the first day of the conference would be dedicated to BlogX™. BlogX™ is a blog conference where bloggers and content managers connect to learn about the blogging community’s advancements, success stories, and expansion throughout the previous year. Aforementioned will attract business, professional, affiliate, personal, guest, women, and content bloggers along with content managers for a comprehensive conversation and educational dissemination on the world and impact of blogging.

Participants will have the option of staying at New Delhi’s plush Shangri-La Hotel with 320 tastefully modern guest-rooms and suites that overlook the city’s historic diplomatic district.

For more information, or to secure the limited number of tickets for the groundbreaking event, visit: http://www.domainxevents.com/ and use discount 50OFF to get 50% of the registration fee.

Below are some of the images from the conference held in 2015: