Unverified but Huge .in Sales

A member of the WhatsApp group reported a .in sales that go into five figures. The first one of this is the sale of lemall.in for CNY 90K, which translates to $13.5K. Obviously, we trust this member but since we cannot verify this deal and as a result could not post it on our sales page at http://domainmarket.in/sales/ .

The same member also reported a sale of doma.in to a reseller for $XX,XXX. This amount cannot be revealed nor verified. This domain changed hands in 2010 on DNF for an undisclosed up and was recent as two years back, offered for about $15K. We assume that this would have been sold around $15K – $20K. The name doma.in is a hack and it is surprisingly to see a domain hack go for that much.

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