Red Flags to Look for in Inquiries

Over the course of my domaining career, I have received tons of inquiries from potential buyers wanted to acquire the domains I own. Every email/inquiry requires some work to evaluate the buyer and go back and forth till both of us (the buyer & me) agree on the final price. Since, there are lots of variables in this song and dance, negotiations, expectations, etc., most of the “wanted domain” inquiries do not lead to any fruitful conclusion. However with ever interaction, one can develop a sixth sense as to what kind of queries has a better probability of a sale. Here are some red-flags I can mentally note about inquiries:

  • Chat Lingo: Some of the emails I receive, utilize chat lingo like — u, all lower case letters, short sentences, each sentence span a different line, etc.
  • Student: A large proportion of the email, make it very clear that they are a poor student, which is another way of putting that they will NOT be paying anywhere close to the market rate.
  • Non-Profit: Some resort to stating that the name is for an NGO or Non-Profit oOrganisation. Same as the above, they are not willing to spend
  • Not Being Used: Received several emails where they claim that since the domain is NOT developed into a site (yet!), that I should give it away.

Finally ending on a humorous note, also received one email where the buyer was asking for a bargain on the domain price because the domain name was used and like second-hand/used products go, would have devalued in price.

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