Suresh Interviews Shiva Kandula

The fourth interview round of interviews, Suresh talks with Shiva Kandula. If you guys are new to the .in space, Shiva owns the maximum number of LLL.IN and NNN.IN domains.

Here is the summary of the interview:

  • Shiva introduces himself
  • Shiva talks about his journey from being a consultant who wanted to start a business to owning one of the largest portfolios.
  • Shiva discusses about his trip to India and the adoption of .in across Delhi, Andhra and Telangana.
  • Shiva goes in length on how and why he started the .in WhatsApp group along wirh Umesh.
  • The lack of reported sales get a mention and Shiva gives an estimate as to what %age of sales are reported.
  • Shiva talks about the presentation delivered by him and Indy at DomainX
  • What kind of .in names interests Shiva?
  • Shiva’s advice to new domainers

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