NEW Ad Campaign to Promote .IN Extension Planned

In the past week, there was an important news that broke out about the registry planning to launch a massive ad campaign to promote .in extension. So what does this mean and what could we expect? Here is my attempt to summarize what the news is and describe some background information as well.

1. The .IN registry which falls under NIXI and this, in turn, falls under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT). The MEIT is headed by our honorable minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. Below is the org chart, there is a Secretary to the ministry and under the Secretary, there are a group of Joint Secretaries (JCs). NIXI group is headed by JC Mr. Rajiv Bansal and is designated as the CEO of NIXI. The announcement about the new ad campaign was made by him.


2. Based on the initiatives like Make in India, Digital India, and Start-up India which have taken off on a right and positive track, promotion of >IN make piggyback on their momentum and also provide a necessary service for launching their online presence.

3. Another point that the ad campaign wants to drive is to bring a nationalist flavour of owning the .in domain.

4. To promote registering on domains in the native language, the IDN .bharat will also be encouraged. I think, there is a place for .bharat NOW rather than later. Most of India do not use English as a first language and .bharat will facilitate rural India to get online. Imagine the power of this? Mind-blowing, to say the least. Even 1-2 pages by a local rural entity will go a long way. I’ll leave the reason why India is called Bharat for another day.

5. NIXI did run a few ad campaigns in 2012 as seen below.  Would be interesting to see how its done and what the theme is. IMHO, the registry has a few options:

a. Make a funny ad,
b. Make an informative ad with/without humour,
c. Make a provocative ad akin to what GoDaddy does. Although this would appeal to metros more than other places.

6. NIXI also has ran few social campaigns this year, I covered them here.


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  1. Excellent summary of the Ministry along with the org chart, details of the proposed campaign and very thoughtful suggestions to make the campaign more effective. Thanks.

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