Analysis of Registered .IN Domains — Part – 2

This is the second post of the series about analyzing about 1.28M .in names. The introductory post can be found here. In this post, I’ll present stats about the domain age and then see the top registrars of .in names. Before I begin let me iterate that the 1.28M names aren’t a comprehensive list of .in domains, but about 75% of the total number of .in names as reported by the registry.

Domain Age and Year of Registration:

The date .IN domain became available to register to the public was 16-Feb-2005. Before this .in names were available to companies and mostly telecom and network related firms. Below is the breakdown of the age of a .in domain in years and the number of domains. Note that age is relative to July 23rd, 2016. As you see the below, most of the names have been recently registered.

Also, see below for the breakdown of “year of registration” and the number of domains registered in that year. This is NOT historical data or snapshot data for that year. What is shown below is on July 23rd, 2016, what domains that are already registered and whichever year those names were registered. This does not account for any names registered in a year but dropped. From the graph, it seems that 2016 is lower than 2015, but that is because we are good 5 months away from the end of the year. I would expect that number to climb in next 3 months.

According to this registry page, there are about 112 accredited registrars. The list includes all the major and common registrars. It also includes some India based ones like Mitsu,, Bruwink etc. Lets look at the top 15 registrars:

Obviously, GoDaddy leads the roost and should come as no surprise. My personal favorite Dynadot is up there as well in the list. The fourth in the list is actually a China based registrar. If you followed the first post, you would see why this registrar makes the list.

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  1. Nice Analysis Mahesh, would love to see an analysis for the most successful sites on .in and who are behind them, and if they also have .com redirected.


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