Analysis of Registered .IN Domains — Part – 1

The Indian Registry as of July 23rd, reports that there are about 2.12M IN domain names registered. This consists of .in,,,,,, In this post series, we analyzed about 1.28M .in names to generate various interesting statistics. I understand this is not the whole list and based on the proportion of .in extension with other 3rd level in extensions, and the 1.28M names we have had hand could be short by about 300K-350K names, so in essence, we have about 75% of the .in names to work with. I’ll split the analysis into multiple posts. In the first post, I’ll look at the lengths of registered names and analyze the registrant’s country.


You will be surprised to know that the average length of .in domain names is actually high. It is about 9.3 and the median in 9. Below graph shows the domain lengths and the count for the top 15 lengths.


There are three names with 63 characters:

Other long names with 50 characters or more are:

There are about 23K names with three characters. As you know all 3Ls, 3Ns are long gone, and they account for about 18.5K names. The other three character names include the combination of letters, numbers, and hyphen.


The .in registrants are spread across a whopping 228 countries and territories based on the who-is information on the domains. The two letter country code in the who-is follows the ISO 3166 codes.

Here are the top 15 countries:

No surprise that the number of registrants of .IN domains are from India, but Chinese domain owners come in second. It is safe to assume that the Chinese .in domain holders are mostly domainers. We should revisit this piece of stats next year if the registered names are dropped or renewed. After the top three countries, there is a sharp decline in the number of registrant’s countries and there is a long tail. You can download the full list here (tab-delimited).

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