Suresh Raghavan Interviews Me

In the third series of interviews, Suresh Raghavan (Founder of NicheJobs.COM), interviews me. It was a pleasure talking with Suresh and glad to share my experiences related to .in domains.  Without further delay, here is the summary of the talk:

  • I introduce myself to the viewers and how I got into domaining.
  • I talk about my website and the two sections with it.
  • Discuss¬† about my portfolio & what domains I tend to register.
  • Some facts about LLL.IN and LLLL.IN and the rise of LLLL.IN .
  • Summary of Make In India and Digital India.
  • Pricing strategies and negotiating.
  • Evaluating if sales can be publicize.
  • Development plans for and the developed domain .
  • What registry changes can increase the scope .
  • Future of .in domains.
  • Suresh ends with advice to newbies looking to get into .in domains.

Enjoy the video and please subscribe to the Suresh’s channel on youtube.

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