Suresh Interviews Paul Singh (Indy)

In the second interview, Suresh interviews Paul Singh, fondly know as Indy to friends. Indy needs no introduction; he is the person behind and proud owner of several keywords .inĀ  and probably the undisputed king of keywords .in domains.

Here is the summary of the interview:

  • Indy introduces himself & gives a glimpse of his enterprising mind when he tried to create an online food ordering system in the late 90s (Way ahead of the times !!)
  • A bit about Indy got into domaining with a yuuge sale
  • Indy talks about
  • How & why Indy moved to .ins in 2007
  • What strategy Indy follows for pricing
  • Indy speaks about the INDRP
  • Finally Indy’s prediction for .in domains in the coming years.
  • Suresh gives us an example of how prime location in virtual world is as important as the physical world.

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