List of Available LLLL.INs as of June-15-2016

Here is the list of all available LLLL.INs as of the scan done on June 15th, 2016 :

Here are the stats:

Available: 245,248 (53.66%)

CVCV Names Available: 0

VCVC Names Available: 6,947 : Click here to download.

AAAB Names Available: 0

ABBB Names Available: 0

ABAB Names Available: 0

AABB Names Available: 0

CHIPs Names Available: 355 : Click here to download.

The trend graph is: LLLL.INs.Trend


Third Domain Conference by DNOAI

Domain Name Owners Association of India™, a non-profit organization whose mission and passion is to encourage and cultivate growth while keeping a check in public-capacity on government policies related to the Indian domain name industry, announced it will hold its annual DomainX™ 2016 Conference in New Delhi from August 5th to August 7th.

The organization is engaged in efforts to make public and prospective owners or investors aware of the value of domain names and how they benefit any particular enterprise.

Founded in 2014, DomainX™ initiative has been the first only domain name conference in the country of its kind entirely dedicated to discovering, networking, discussing, and spreading awareness to the public about the domain name industry in general and its vital importance in how businesses interact and conduct transactions today.

“We’ve entered a marketing age ruled by online, digital, and inbound marketing, and as such, it’s incredibly important that business owners understand how important domain name selection and technology is for the future of their operation,” said Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal, Founder of DomainX.

Gaurav Kohli, the co-organizer added, “Our conference is designed to encourage conversation about domain name technology and expertise, and take the newfound education beyond the walls of our event and out into the open market.”

Full of industry leaders and professionals with proven track records in the realm of online and digital marketing, DomainX™ is a three-day event filled with specific workshops, classes, networking opportunities, speakers, and relaxing communication.

Having broken the attendance record in 2015 and shattered expectations for attendance and media attention, the 2016 conference is expected to be the biggest one yet, presenting invaluable networking opportunities for all attendees.

August 5th, 2016 which is the first day of the conference would be dedicated to BlogX™. BlogX™ is a blog conference where bloggers and content managers connect to learn about the blogging community’s advancements, success stories, and expansion throughout the previous year. Aforementioned will attract business, professional, affiliate, personal, guest, women, and content bloggers along with content managers for a comprehensive conversation and educational dissemination on the world and impact of blogging.

Participants will have the option of staying at New Delhi’s plush Shangri-La Hotel with 320 tastefully modern guest-rooms and suites that overlook the city’s historic diplomatic district.

For more information, or to secure the limited number of tickets for the groundbreaking event, visit: and use discount 50OFF to get 50% of the registration fee.

Below are some of the images from the conference held in 2015:

Video Blog by Suresh Raghavan

If you are regular follower of my blog, you would surprised to see a post in the middle of the week, well its really because I’m glad to share the first video blog for .IN domains by Suresh Raghavan. Suresh who is an Auburn Alum (for those who don’t know Tim Cook is also an Auburn Alum), and founder of the NicheJobs.COM website. Having been domaining since 1998, Suresh is very experienced and we all will definitely benefit from his talks. Suresh also has an impressive portfolio of .IN domains that would make him stand out from other investors. This is the second video from him, the first being just an introduction. In this particular talk, Suresh talks about how he got into domaining, the landscape around the .COM boom and about the .IN domains that made a public debut in 2005. I really don’t want to steal his thunder, so you can watch it directly from the man himself.

Please enjoy the video and give feedback. Suresh would really love to hear from everyone. Thank you all, stay classy!


Study of Dropped LLL.INs

In one of the previous posts, we observed that since the last buyout, fewer and fewer LLL.INs are getting dropped. This is a good thing for the stability of LLL.INs and price increase.

In this post, we’ll take a dive into what kinds of LLL.INs are dropping. Before we put up stats, let’s get some nomenclature out of the way so that we are all on the same page. If you have been domaining for some time, you would have undoubtedly heard the terms like western premium, chips, etc. Let’s refresh this again for the benefit for all:

  • Western Premiums: Usually for LLL and LLLL names where each letter comprises of ABCDEFGHLMNOPRST only.
  • CHIPS: Stands for CHInese PremiumS, and contains alphabets, that does NOT include AEIOU and V
  • Indian Premiums: Since Indian domain market is still in its infancy there is no name assigned to India Premiums akin to CHIPS for the Chinese Market. But that does not mean that there Western Premium and Indian Premium alphabets exactly are the same. Based on common usage of certain alphabets in Indian languages, it has been observed that K and V, in addition to the Western Premium alphabets are considered are common and can be construed as Indian Premiums. So the alphabets that form Indian Premiums are ABCDEFGHKLMNOPRSTV.

Now since the naming convention & terminologies are all ironed out, let’s dive into stats. But, before I dive into the stats, just a note on data that is used to pull the stats:

  1. The LLL.IN dropping stats were regularly collected since mid-2008. So we have about eight years of solid data.
  2. A LLL.IN name was assumed to be dropping if it was in PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE or PENDING DELETE SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE state. In the former, it is possible that the name could have been restored & hence did not drop. Such cases although possible are very very small in number, and although the raw numbers change because of that, the conclusions derived from the stats will not be impacted by minor noise or edge cases.

Finally, all the preliminary points are covered, here is the first table:

Number of Times a LLL.IN Has DroppedNumber of Different LLL.Ins

The first column is the number of times a LLL.IN has dropped over eight years. So for example say a name like JTQ.IN was dropped in 2010 and registered after it was dropped, but it was again dropped in 2014, this name would be part of “2” in this column. The second column is the total count of all unique names that dropped. So basically we are trying to see how many different LLL.INs dropped over eight years and how many times did they drop. As evident from the table above, ~5000 names dropped at least once in the course of eight years. Another observation is that fewer and fewer names having been dropping multiple times. Three of the names dropped seven times in the last eight years. The names were — AFZ.IN, MGZ.IN and VDU.IN.

Remember, we talked about Western Premium, etc. above, the reason we talked about it because of the next chart:

The chart puts the dropped LLL.IN names into categories so that we can see how they fared. Clearly, you can discern that there is a huge difference between Premiums (Indian + Western) and Others. Most of the Western Premiums that dropped the first time had NOT been dropped again. No Western Premium has dropped more than two times. There is a drop off in Indian Premium names as well, and there are fewer Indian Premium names that have dropped several times.

Are .IN Numeric Domains Good Investments?

Numeric domains as you are aware are a sensation in the Chinese domain market, but not so much for western domain market. So this blog post is more of an open discussion whether given the rise of India and .in extension will numeric .in domains will be a used extensively by companies and individuals in India? Delving into two aspects where Indians value numbers:

Astrology and Lucky Numbers in India:

Numerology in IndiaImage Source: Artiom Gorgan

In India, a lot of people believe in auspicious numbers. In fact, even before getting married, different people consult different pandits (the holy men), who do some readings, match the horoscopes of the bride and the groom and then decide a particular date, which is good for both of them to get married to each other. Once the date is finalized, the entire family celebrates and waits for the correct and lucky time to come for both the partners to get wedded.

But just because a particular number is auspicious for someone else doesn’t mean that it is right for you as well; different people have different auspicious numbers. Contrast this with the Chinese whereby there is a blanket concept of “4” being unlucky, whereas universally “8” being lucky. In India for example, the number 4 can be lucky for some & unlucky for someone else. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, the number 108 is considered very auspicious in Hinduism, and the number 786 is very lucky in Islam.

Vehicle Number Plates:

Expensive Number Plates
No matter what happens, there is one thing that all the Indians are proud to show off – their vehicle number plates. Some people are so crazy about their lucky numbers that they spend a lot of money to get the number plate that they wish to. On the other hand, there are also a few people, who buy cars depending upon the number plates that they have. If there are lucky numbers on the number plate, a person is attracted to buy it, since he knows that nothing wrong can happen to him when he drives in the car with the number that always brings happiness to him.

But why are people so fond of getting their favorite numbers on their vehicle number plates? Why are they status-symbols and not just random numbers?

Because no one can have a number plate like yours: You already know that it is not possible for more than one person to have the same numbers on his number plate, since license numbers are always different for different people. When you buy a specific number plate, you ensure that it is good enough to be shown to others.

Because if you have your lucky numbers on the number plate, there can be nothing better to flaunt on your vehicle: In India, there can be nothing more amazing than having your lucky numbers right on your number plate. People are ready to pay a huge amount of money to have their lucky numbers right on the number plates.

Because when someone buys a number plate of a particular number, he pays more than you can ever imagine and this is something that most of the people already know: People in this country know the amount of money an individual has to pay to get the numbers that he wants on his license plate. When he flaunts the numbers, he flaunts the money that he has invested in the same. This is exactly why number plates are status symbols in the country.

Because number plates boost up your egos: If you have a lot of egos in you, it is time for you to win respect for the same by getting your lucky numbers on the number plate of your car or any vehicle that you own.

Because then you finally have something to “show off” to your friends and the others that drive along with you: You may not have shown off anything specific in your life, but that does not mean that you should not flaunt even a bit. It feels good to show off at times, especially if you have earned it by spending a lot of time, money and efforts in the same.

Because when you buy a particular number plate or license number, you get a VIP number and turn famous for the same: There may be a lot of available number plates in the market, but VIP numbers are always kept safe and made in order.

Given the above two aspects of use of lucky number use in India, not 100% sure where numeric domains fit in. Let us assume that the numeric domains are used as status symbols, how will one advertise status using them? Business cards? Email address ? Now for numeric domains to be associated with status symbol, there has to be some precedent or sales that show the numeric domains as being a vanity and valuable possession that only a few can own. Domainers understand this, but we will have to wait and see if this catches on. So here is a poll to see what you think about numeric .in domains?

What is your opnion on numeric .in domains?

  • Will be used for both lucky numbers and status symbols (69%, 9 Votes)
  • Nah, numeric domains will not catch on (23%, 3 Votes)
  • Will be used as status symbols (8%, 1 Votes)
  • Will be used for lucky numers (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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