Evaluating Different Kinds of LLLL.IN Names — Part -1

If you are a domainer then you would obviously understand the what a LLLL stands for, just in case you are new to domainer’s terminology, LLLL is any four alphabet domain.

Domainers like to classify domains for multiple reasons, and in the case of LLLL.IN there are various categories. To try and explain the different LLLL.IN types, I would have to break this out into multiple posts. In this post, I’ll list out the common types of LLLL.IN names and in the subsequent parts go into the details of those types. These are the different kinds of LLLL.IN names:

CVCV: In these names, C stands for consonants and V for vowels.  Examples of these are CASA.in, BIWI.in, SOTI.in etc.

VCVC: Like CVCV above, examples are EBAC.in, OSAR.in, EDOC.in etc.

ABBB: In this case, A is any alphabet and B is any alphabet that is NOT  A and repeated three consecutive times. Examples are BCCC.in, CEEE.in, AHHH.in OIII.in.

AAAB: Like above, A is any alphabet repeated three consecutive times and B is any alphabet which is NOT A. Examples are BBBC.in, CCCE.in, DDDE.in, OOOK.in etc.

ABAB: Like above, A is any letter of the alphabet and the next alphabet B (not A) comes after it. The same letter A comes again and finally ends with B. Examples are DCDC.in, OKOK.in, FIFI.in etc.

ABBA: A is any letter of the alphabet and the next alphabet B (not A) comes after it twice and ends with A. Examples are ACCA.in, DOOD.in, KAAK.in etc.

AABB: A is any letter of the alphabet repeated twice and B is any letter that is NOT a repeated twice. Examples are BBSS.in, OOAA.in, UUTT.in

CHIPs: These are names which do not contain any vowels and the letter v. Examples are DFRT.in, GHSS.in, JKLP.in etc.

Repeating Letters: These are names where ALL the four letters are the same. Examples are BBBB.in, DDDD.in OOOO.in etc.

Western Premiums: Names which contain these letters only — ABCDEFGHILMNOPRST

Indian Premiums: Same as western premiums above but also including the letters K and V.

Now each of these types is NOT mutually exclusive, for example, a four letter name like DDDD.in, can be a CHIP as well repeating. Similarly, RURU.in can be a CVCV and ABAB name.

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  1. Welldone Domainmarket team . This helps each and every new / seasoned domainers .We should bookmark this article . In future , i may expect topics on nnnn.in / Hindi .in domains ( eg. mubarak.in / mulakat.in) etc.

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