Registrant’s Country Breakdown for,, and

In one of our previous posts — we listed the breakdown of registrant’s country of origin for domain. In this post, I’ll list out the registrant’s country for the three categories which┬áthere is a firm buyout.

All these stats are based on the scan I completed around May 27th, 2016. So here are the breakdown for LLL.ins (Hover over the maps to see more details) :

Based on the above map, you would see that US and India dominate the space. Right now owners of LLL.INs are spread across 80 countries. However, I have shown only the countries that have a size-able volume of registration. Now, drilling down to US-State level breakdown of LLL.IN registration:

The reason I choose the US is that that’s where maximum registrants are from and also the data about states is pretty consistent. I’ll do another post about which states in India contribute to the maximum number of LLL.IN registration in a week or two. Also, I have shown the top states only (with 25 or more registrations). Here is my analysis of the map above:

  1. Most of the registrations of LLL.IN domains are from the small area call DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia). This area accounts for over 50% of the LLL.IN registrations. Since the map is small, if you hover over the north part of Virginia, you will see DC contributing a significant chunk.
  2. The East side of the US has a lot of states with extensive registrations.
  3. The state with silicon valley and the largest state does not contribute a whole lot yet.
  4. As you see most of the registrations in the middle of US is sparse.

Now over to , here is the map showing top countries:

UK and China top this category of names. All are aware of the Chinese love for numeric domains.

Over to NNNN.INs where we recently had a buyout. Here is the distribution of top countries:

China leads by a huge margin and also the driver of the buyout. The next country is Iran, which is very surprising.

Another thing I wanted to do was combine the distribution of NNN.IN and NNNN.IN domains. Here it is:

Nothing surprising here. And to the last graph of coupling LLL.INs, NNN.INs and NNNN.INs:

So, as you see, many countries outside India have invested in short .IN domains. The registrants outside India hold significant portfolio sizes which obviously helps in increasing the contribution from those countries, and unless there are significant inter-country large buyouts these number would not change a lot.

4 comments on “Registrant’s Country Breakdown for,, and
  1. I feel this clearly shows that, are held my indians & US (Mostly Indian’s settled abroad, i do know a few who owns thousands each).

    So indians only are speculating the demand and increasing the prices for And chinese are negligible present there, its a bubble which will break soon.

    With regard to NNN its domained by Chinese, so at-least there will be stability in prices and one could look at investments.

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