Downward Trend in Dropping LLL.INs

We are in either golden period of LLL.IN buyout or a drought based on which side of the equation you stand. If you like to register dropping LLL.INs, the phase is akin to a bad monsoon. However, if you have invested in LLL.INs, the period is a harbinger of things to come.

As usual, my first paragraph is backed by solid data as evidence. So here is the graph from data collected as far back as mid-2008.

dropping LLL.IN
On the x-axis, is the year and month. On the y-axis, you can see the count of dropping LLL.INs in any given month. Let me give you an insight on how I arrived at the number of dropping in a month. Since I do a scan every month, the number of dropping LLL.INsĀ  for a month are ALL domains that are in PENDING DELETE or PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE state and scheduled to drop in that month. There is a chance that domains that can be “Restorable” could have been restored and would affect the accuracy of the numbers. But, this case is so uncommon that, you can ignore it as noise and does not impact the analysis of the graph I am about to provide.

So what does this mean for LLL.INs in general, if you have followed my previous post on LLL.IN buyout, the conclusion you can derive from the above is that LLL.IN buyout is here to stay and as LLL.IN domains are spread across various domainers/investors, there will be fewer and fewer drops of LLL.INs. We would soon reach a point like what has happened to LLL.COMs and LLL.IN drops would be fewer and far between. Finally, I sound like a broken record, but the time to buy LLL.IN is now!!!

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