A Short History of LLL.IN Buyouts

They say third time is a charm, well certainly in the case of the buyout of LLL.IN domains. Without wasting time, let me put up a graph to explain what I’m talking about. So here is the chart.

LLL.IN domainsOn the x-axis, you have dates (not evenly spaced duration). On the y-axis, you have the number of LLL.in domains available to register. Since I started tracking names in 2008, I don’t have the exact month when the first buyout took place. But, based on talking with folks who kept a tab on this, this happened sometime around Oct of 2007. The reason for the first buyout was the huge drop in registration fees offered by the registry. I think it was under $2 for the first year. The second occurred around mid-2011. One thing that I would imagine that caused the buyout to take place was a drop in renewal fees from ~$15.00 per year to ~$10.00. The current & the third buyout took place in Feb of 2015. Since then the buyout is holding firm. What this means is that surely & slowly the prices of LLL.in among resellers continue to rise. Just around 2014, one could get a decent LLL.in for ~$30-$50. These days it costs about $250+ even for a bad one. So the prices are on the rise, and whenever there are LLL.in drops, they are registered (aka caught) in a fraction of a second. To all the folks who have endured the up & down journey of LLL.in buyouts, sit tight and enjoy the smooth ride towards riches (as evident from the graph above).

The reason I put this post is that there are tons of new domainers out there who are looking or currently investing in .in domains, and looking back at history gives a perspective of where we stand and where can be headed. So, if you are seeking to invest in LLL.ins, the right time is now. Don’t miss this boat, there may not be another better chance.

3 comments on “A Short History of LLL.IN Buyouts
  1. Excellent retrospective on the 3 LLL.in buyouts. The chart is a pretty nice piece of aggregated historical data!

    I imagine that LLL.in will follow the path of LLL.cn and reach astonishing prices.

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