Startups in India That Have Adopted .in Extensions

In the 90s as India opened up its economy, the common bragging line among middle class families was — “My son/daughter got a job !!! ” . Today, that line has been replaced with “My son/daughter got funding for his/her startup !!!”. As India grows, the number of startups springing up in India is also growing. There is a blog maintained by Doron Vermaat — where Doron, religiously, almost every week blogs about the different startups that receive funding. You can visit his blog for more information. I was curious to see how many companies that receive funding use the .in extension over the weeks. Below are some of the charts based on the information I was able to gather from Doron’s blog. Here are the summary charts:

The first chart shows the total number of newly funded startups and the count of startups using .in domain extension on a weekly basis.

.in domain extension
The second chart shows the percentage of newly funded startups that use .in domain extension. I could have used the ONE chart for showing everything, but it was getting crowded.

.in domain extension

Here are my interpretation of the data:
1. Around October of last year, the number NEW startups that use the .in extension has been pretty some consistent.
2. On an average around 5% of the newly funded startups reported every week across the world use the .in extension. This is HUGE. What this really means is even if 10% of the newly funded startups are based in India, 50% of them are using .in extension. I have been visiting India regularly and most recently early this year and I have noticed the growing number of ads adopting the .in extension.

1. I cannot guarantee the 100% accuracy of the stats. There are number of things that can decrease the accuracy.
2. Some of the companies might receive multiple round of fundings, in which case they can appear multiple times and potentially be double counted. Although, I have made sure to double check, some duplicated could have crept in.

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