A Short Note on LLLL.ins

As you are aware that there is a buyout of LLL.in, NNN.in and NNNN.in domains. The buyout of NNNN.in domains was largely driven by registrants from China. There is no LLLL.in buyout, YET, largely because there are just too many domains to be registered. In total there are 456,976 LLLL.in domains. That is a lot of domains and historically the LLLL.com buyout occurred sometime in 2007. So, given that .COM is a global domain and the first extension to be released, we should not be surprised that there haven’t been a LLLL.in buyout. Here are the trends of LLLL.in registered domains over the past few months.

Scan DateCount

As you see there is slow progress at the start and the number of registered domains pick up between Feb 19th and March 19th. Remarkable to say the least. Post that period of frantic registration, the number of registered domains is pretty much steady. Keep in mind that the number of registered domains has not gone down, which means that although there are tons of LLLL.in being dropped, they are either caught or new ones are being registered. Let me post another piece of statistics that will give you a larger picture of what is happening. See the pie-chart below which shows the countries where the registrant is residing:

Breakdown of registrant's country for LLLL.in domainsAs you see from the pie-chart above, over 70% of the registrations are from China. This was just before the price of CHIPS started falling, hence just after the fall of CHIPS, the number of LLLL.in registrations is stagnant. If the situation does not get better expect a lot of drops early next year, but lets hope for the best.

Now, lets look at the best part of combinations in LLLL.in domains that are not dictionary words or names — CVCV domains. CVCV domains are sought after or priced highly by domainers because they are pronounceable and/or brandable. A further examinations show that a large number of them are also registered by domainers from China, but domainers from India are not far behind.

Breakdown of registrant's country for CVCV.in domains

The stats above may not change drastically, so will not post the breakdown regularly, but if there are significant changes over the few months that warrant an examination, I’ll post them in another blog post. If you are however interested in seeing the available LLLL.in names , see the post here: http://www.domainmarket.in/blog/2016/05/19/available-llll-in-names-as-of-2016-05-16/


3 comments on “A Short Note on LLLL.ins
  1. Thanks for these stats. They are valuable information.

    The big difference of registration country between the cvcv and llll.in is interesting.

  2. Most 4 letter domains won’t be entirely bought out in most extensions. Interesting to see the uptick. I wonder if there will be renewals or massive drops?

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