Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year All.

Its been a while since I have blogged, but this year I plan to blog regularly (hopefully once a week) and basically summarize the week that went by.  So here we go.

  • Sales: We saw several sales for this week. Notably overstock.in on SEDO which sold for $2,300. The buyer is NOT Overstock.com, but some domainer from China. Other sale was musix.in also on SEDO for $1,000. Don’t know who the buyer is at the moment. There was a reported sale of aqi.in on Bodis. This is the first reported sale on Bodis.


  • INDRP: EasyToBook.co.in was hit with an INDRP and lost. Seems like a really bad decision IMO because the owner had responded back with concerns from complainant and raising questions himself/herself. Now, the complainant did not bother to respond after numerous emails, but to the shock of the owner , lost the domain. If the complainant doesn’t even bother to respond, there are various things you infer about them. Either they are not serious about getting the name, and/or they do not have answers for the questions or facts laid out by the owner.

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